About the network

CCCq was established in 2011 as a recommendation of the 2009 Sexual Orientation Position Paper and the Equality Scheme 2011-15 and meets each month as a supportive, open and friendly group for staff to meet each other, discuss issues affecting LGBTIQ staff and friends and plan awareness-raising events. As a Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) Network, the group is a support network relating to both sexual orientation and gender identity. In 2012 one of the founding members worked closely with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit to produce a Gender Identity Policy Statement, highlighting the University’s commitment to the further improvement of facilities and support for Transgender and Intersex staff and students.


Terms of Reference:


The aims of the network are:

  • To seek to represent the whole diversity and variety of sex, sexualities and gender of all CCCU staff.
  • To monitor University policies in respect of their recognition of and regard for the full range of sexualities and genders represented by staff members, evaluate their impact, and provide recommendations to the development of such policies to the Equality and Diversity Committee. These recommendations should highlight how future policies and provision can better reflect those differences and respond to them in a positive and affirming way.
  • To provide opportunities for LGBTQI staff to meet and network, to socialise, to support one another and to organise events.
  • To promote the interest of LGBTQI staff and encourage better relations, understanding, dialogue and education about all sexualities and genders within the University.
  • To operate within the remit of the University’s mission, aims, values, and financial regulations when carrying out its activities which may include the receipt and disbursement of grants, income and gifts in support of the group objectives.
  • To liaise with other networks and organisations, both external and internal, to share best practice and information as well as to facilitate the work of the Network.

Membership & Meetings:

  • All CCCU LGBTQI employees have automatic membership rights.
  • Membership is aimed at LGBTQI staff at the University, however, the group and its interests are open to anyone who may have an interest in the field or require support for other reasons inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Members may opt into a confidential mailing list.
  • The Network will meet regularly during the academic year, ideally once per month.
  • The Network will have a Committee which will lead the Network. This Committee will consist of two Co-Chairs, a Network Secretary, a Treasurer and an Events Co-ordinator. Where possible these members will be elected to post.
  • The current Committee is set out below:
    • Co-Chairs: Marissa Dainton & Doug Little
    • Network Secretary: Vacant
    • Treasurer: Kieran Thomsett
    • Events Co-ordinator: Vacant

Budget & Resource:

  • The group’s work will be facilitated by the University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Unit.
  • An annual budget is provided via the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit which will be used to support the Networks activities, including hosting events and promoting the Network.


  • Staff not out at work can subscribe to a confidential email list, only accessible by the network Committee, to receive communications.
  • No member’s name will be disclosed outside of meetings without that member’s consent.
  • Network meetings will be run according to the Chatham House Rule. Therefore, attendees may freely use the information disclosed during the meeting, but the identity or any affiliation of other members/attendees may not be revealed. This is to encourage discussion during the meeting and allow the Network to undertake its work in representing and promoting the views and perspective of LGBTQI staff